Tea is a lifestyle.

We've traveled the world searching for the purest traditional tea leaves so we can make every day more relaxing.

quality loose leaf tea
quality loose leaf tea

Great tea is uninhibited.

We don’t use blends, oils or flavors in our teas.
We source and deliver only pure, natural, pesticide-free tea.

green loose leaf tea


Green tea is generally pan-fired to negate oxidation, which allows it to retain its green color.

Green tea's flavor and aroma are often referred to as mild and vegetal, cleansing, and sometimes even savory or buttery.

red loose leaf tea


More commonly known as black tea, this is the most popular tea in both Europe and the United States.

Red teas often receive aggressive rolling and shaping to promote oxidation.

white loose leaf tea


This tea is usually the first pluck of the spring or pre-spring.

It often contains many young buds with "mao" (tiny fine hairs), producing more delicate and lighter tasting cups of tea.

oolong loose leaf tea


This is a more complex variety of tea.

Oolong can range from green (lightly oxidized) to deeply roasted (heavily oxidized) leaves. Flavors often range from floral to chocolatey.

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teabook quality loose leaf tea

Wherever I am, tea is with me.

Teabook was specifically designed to make it easy for you to enjoy a soothing cup of tea wherever life takes you.

teabook quality loose leaf tea